In association with Symantec WSS Division, JNR Management is delighted to roll out a Game Changer plan in the web security industry through its subsidiary conglomerate, mysslonline. The exclusive program called Encryption Everywhere is designed to safeguard every website on the Internet against cybercrime. The core objective of Encryption Everywhere is to encrypt 100% of all websites by 2018. This is an exclusive opportunity for all web-hosting resellers to take their business to the next level.

Do you know that Symantec is offering each customer of yours a Free Basic DV SSL through us?

So, there are possibilities to flourish your business even more than ever before. This program lets you have an opportunity to bundle the complimentary SSL certificates with various hosting packages.


TLS/SSL Capabilities

DV & OV Wildcards and SANS EV SANS

Encryption Capabilities


Authentication Capabilities

DNS, File and WHOIS





SSL Capabilities:

Symantec offers a variety of SSL products that support various authentication mechanisms for different needs. From SSL certificates that secure one domain to SSL certificates that can secure unlimited sub-domains or Unified Communications/SAN certificates that protect multiple domains in one certificate in various applications.

Encryption Capabilities:

Symantec offers a variety of Encryption Algorithms. ECC or EllipticCurve Cryptography with Symantec provides stronger security and higher performance with a shorter key size when compared with the current dominant encryption method. For example, an ECC certificatewith a 256 -bit key is stronger than an RSA certificate with a 2048 bit key. OSA Certificates allow you to enhance your flexibility to deploy RSA for your business needs. RSA Certificates are widely adopted and DSA certificates meet compliance requirements with certain government agencies.

Authentication Capabilities:

Symantec offers a variety of authentication mechanisms while issuing domain validated SSL products, starting from automated DNS and File Authentication to classic WHOIS authentication.


Symantec supports a set of order, query, and other life cycle management APIS that enable partners to integrate its security offerings within their infrastructure.

Why to be the Part of Encryption Everywhere Program?

Be a Game Changer. Symantec Encryption Everywhere platform provides a unified approach to security integration, automation and management. Its time to help your customers stay safe against data snooping, and get profited through our expertise. Upsell to a paid SSL certificate and unveil the power of value proposition, which only you can put forward to your customers. Here are some of the products to consider:

  • Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate
  • EV SSL Certificate (Anti-phishing Green Address Bar)
  • Stronger & Agile ECC Algorithm
  • Trust Offering Site Seals & Warranties

2017 will be the year of https, and this proposition is too good to be missed. Do you still want to miss the bus? Well! Internet is still evolving at a rapid speed, and unleashing massive number of opportunities for our resellers. So, dont wait anymore. Be a part of this journey now, as overlooking the potential of Encryption Everywhere will not be a good idea.

Lets take a pledge to encrypt the web world together, and make it a safest place for everyone.